What you need to know before buy a wedding dress online

how to buy a wedding dressOnline wedding dress shopping has an element of risk. Probably you don’t have many choices in your local bridal stores or you don’t have it at all in the neighborhood. Maybe you found in one of the many online sites your dream wedding dress with a discount. Or you hate shopping, fitting, salespersons with their annoying opinion or all of this together.

For whatever reason, but you decided to order your dress online.

What you need to know and what to look before you buy a wedding dress online:

  1. Forms of dresses that suit you
  2. Your measurements: bust, waist, hips and correct length with taking into account the height of heels. Sizes in different online stores can vary greatly.
  3. Fabric. If possible, order samples to have an idea of what you will get. Coming in from the physical shops touch, feel and choose your fabrics. Get to know their names and properties. Better to choose a stretch for a top, for freedom of movement and to avoid having to customize the fit. Some materials are translucent, some form soft folds, and some keep a certain shape. Do not order a winter and autumn wedding dress for the ceremony on the beach. Even if it looks like the air, maybe there is built a thick corset and you will not feel nice in the heat.
  4. Read carefully the description and details of the dress. Information must be comprehensive
  5. Good store cares about its reputation This means the store does its best to make the customer pleased. Happy clients will tell their friends and leave a positive Reviews about their positive experiences on the Internet.
  6. Good site offers the possibility of 24-hour chat and will try to answer all your questions and resolve all your problems (doubts). Try take contact.
  7. Review a return policy. Some sellers do not to offer returns!
  8. Pay attention to the shipping. On many sites, it is free as from a certain amount.
  9. buy a wedding dress onlineWedding online stores offer also bridesmaids dresses, wedding guest outfits women and for men. You can order not only your gown, wedding jewelry, and accessory but also complete outfits for the mother of the groom, your mother, and your groom with suitable color and fabrics.
  10. Look at the cancelation and delivery period
  11. Use a secure payment option to purchase your order online
  12. EBay is a great option to find designer wedding dresses for less or cheap vera wang wedding shoes. Other places to looking for a gown online I report on this page.
  13. Consider a Blacklist at SiteJabber.com and ScamAdviser
Avoid the following bad proved themselves sites:


perfect bridal.com





Vast Success to you!

I hope that you have found useful my advice for buying a wedding dress online. In the future, I’m going to research and write Reviews about some of the online wedding stores. Let me know if you are interested.



  1. Jewel Carol says:

    Hi Olga,

    Thanks very much for yr blog on “What you need to know before buy a wedding dress online”,

    Wow, you really give great tips on the needs to look out before buying a wedding dress online.

    Yr pt 6 is good – it is very important to have the possibility of 24-hour chat with an online supplier. 🙂

    One of the big mistake is I find people purchasing
    online wedding gowns at a great discount with impulse and much too earlier than the wedding date, maybe say 2 months earlier but because of the great discounts, they purchased the wedding gown.

    The problem comes when after 2 months, the bride-to-be realised that she has put on too much weight. 🙁

    You have a resourceful site, I will tell my friends about it. 🙂

    Jewel Carol

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