Wedding shoes for bride


Looking for the best wedding shoes?

Approach to the choice of bridal wedding shoes is very serious. It’s hard to feel happy when your shoes are killing your feet’s.

Pretty Open-toe Stiletto Heels Wedding Shoes

Comfortable bridal shoes

The first thing that you need to remember when choosing shoes is comfort. Do not forget that you have to spend whole your BIG day in this shoes. Do not pick pointy-toed bridal shoes high heel, no matter how beautiful they were  if you are not used to walking in. Otherwise, it will be your torment. And maybe you even want to dance later. Take a middle or low heel bridal shoes. If you are petite, high heel platform shoes can you give extra height and does not take away the stability.

Satin Crystal Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes


The form of your shoes depends on the style of your dress, the season and the place of the wedding. Open-toe looks excellent with nice painted nails and pedicure, but it doesn’t work with sand and gravel. stilettos and walking on the grass is difficult to combine. elegant short boots could be a perfect option for winter. Informal wedding dress allows for casual shoes as sandals and slippers.

Elegant Low Heels Pointed-toe Bowknot Wedding Shoes


Color (and fabric) must be the same as your dress if you are the traditional bride. If you have an open mind, the option of picking a color that matches your jewelry, the bridesmaid dresses, groom’s tie or your flowers is for you.

Fashionable Elegant Lace Rhinestone Wedding Shoes


Do not get carried away in shoe decorations. The rule ” a less is more” works here too. Think All these sharp embellishments can catch and tear the hem of your long wedding dress. And if your shoes are not too fancy they can be worn many more times and they will always remind you of your special day.
Attractive Cloth Upper Mid Heel Wedding Shoes With Roses

Look bridal shoes online to get an idea about the possibilities and for inspiration.

And if you have the appropriate shoes that you love and you feel fabulous in them?

You should wear something old at your wedding, according to the belief? Is not it? So why not the verified shoes?

And how did you choose your wedding shoes?

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