Wedding dress for clever bride

Greetings, fortunate bride!

You are having some difficulties with the choice of the silhouette?

You want to be a true princess in a magnificent dress with a train and a luxurious veil at the ceremony, but then later also want to be a dancing queen at your cocktail party.

Or you get married  in a formal situation in church and then a reception at the beach and you do not want flounder in a long skirt. And you need one of short beach wedding dresses.

cinderella_s_carriage_transformation_by_radiantcomet-d6gbhmcWhat to do? Buy two dresses? One for ceremony and one for the reception? Search changing time?


Absolutely not necessary! In that case, the designers came up with the brilliant convertible wedding dresses!

These dresses are with removable upper (under) skirt,  trains or capes. Besides, transformers solve all your problems with convertible styles, they are also very popular.

You get two completely different dresses for the price of one if you choose this amazing style!


If you have something to add to this exciting news, share with us please!


  1. Peter G. says:

    What a wonderful website you have built! The amount of engagement this website can receive should be astounding. Marriage is a big deal these days and finding the best wedding dress seem to always be the biggest important factor for ladies. Great job, I hope this will help my.. “future wife,” when the time comes 🙂

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