Wedding bride accessories

Hi, pretty bride! So hunt for the dress is over. Now a new knotty question: how to choose accessories for your gown? bridal accessory wedding

Wedding Bride Accessories can make the amazing look and complimenting your beauty. But, on the other hand, they can ruin your whole appearance on the special day. Be sure that your accessories match the style and color of your dress and fit you personally. And be careful. In no case should you overdo it!

Try to find the balance between the wedding dress, hair accessories, jewelry and bridal shoes, for your gorgeous overall ensemble.

The more details and glitters include your dress, the less must be the accessories.
If the shape of your gown is very puffy, the headpiece should be small.

To veil or not to veil?

First for clarity: You do not have to wear a veil, if you do not want. Even in the church it is not required. Do not let anyone put pressure on you.

Since ancient times veils, covering the hair and face symbolized virginity of the bride. If you going to marry a second time or you have kids this dilemma disappears by itself. On the beach or the windy garden, a veil can burden you, absolutely, if it is long and with many tiers. If your dress with beautiful back details, it is quite misstepped hide it under the veil.

Accessories as a removable beautiful capes and wraps  seem to me a great idea In the winter, on the outdoor wedding and not only.

The gloves are not very relevant on a hot day. And with long-sleeved gown, they will be completely superfluous. But with a strapless dress the long gloves look

On a sunny day, a bridal hat can be very useful for you. It will protect your face from the sun and your future photos against the unprepossessing shadows. Besides a wedding hat looks particularly elegant with a beach wedding dress.

If you chose one of the simple wedding dresses and you want to add a special note to the graceful waist, a bridal sash is what you need for some extra bling.

Bridal jewelryBridal jewelry adds the finishing touch to your style. Do not wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and headpieces together. Jewelry should be subtle, but not overwhelm your appearance. A necklace is not a best choice with a higher or illusion neckline.

Have fun with accessorizing!

Oh yes! Don’t forget something old, new, borrowed and blue, if you believe in omens.


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