Tips for choosing ideal wedding dress of your dream

Finding the perfect wedding dress that fits both your personality, formality and theme of your wedding is one of the most exciting moments, but not easy. With my tips for choosing ideal wedding dress, I’ll try to facilitate this and I wish you feel the most Beautiful and Happy Bride in your Big Day!

Start previously

So you can avoid the rush and stress. Don’t put this off until the last time.

Location,  venue and time of year 

Knowing the place, season and time of your wedding will help to choose your dress style, length, fabric, and color. The long dense train may not be a good idea for  a daytime wedding ceremony on the beach, as well as short cocktail dress at the church. 

svad26Decide on your wedding gowns budget

Your bridal gown may be one of your biggest wedding purchases if you do not set a limit. Don’t forget a veil, undergarments, and all other accessories cost.

Check the lighting. svad28

Your dress can look great in the store, but try-out what shades will get the dress and the color of your face under illumination the wedding. And think about how see-through skimpy materials are going to be.

 Don’t be afraid to try on something different.

Show photos in your phone, with types of wedding dresses you are looking for and take advice of bridal consultant. Some dresses don’t look like much on the hanger but look great on.

Keep an open mindwedding gown

But never let yourself be talked to buy a dress you’re not in love with.

Invite to the fitting a people who will be honest with you and whose judgment you trust.

svad24 Be realistic about your size.

Choose a dress that fit now. Don’t try to bye too small dress. Easier to make down a dress than to try to grow thin and fight stress.

Do not forget you need to be able to move in your dress. svad15

Try it out. You should feel comfortable on your wedding day!

Try on the dress with heels and accessories, if you have it.

You need to see where the hemline will be and how the dress will hang and complete picture of yourself.

You do have options besides strapless. 

Think about an illusion neckline or off-the-shoulder sleeves.svad22


Realize the underwear can be seen through many white bridal gowns. Wrong lingerie can screw up the look of the gown.

Stay positive, be patient and have fun.

In the end, it is only the dress. Most important that YOUR FIANCE  loves you and purposes to spend all life with you!!!


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