How to pick wedding jewelry

Hello, beauty! How much do you love jewelry?

If strongly now comes the most funbridal wedding jewelry part: Choosing Bridal Jewelry.

Here are some tips How to Pick Wedding Jewelry for the finishing touch to your bridal outfit:

 1. The most important rule in bridal wedding jewelry: should not overdo it. The full wedding jewelry sets are not always needed.
 2. Aim to find the matching accessories. But don’t be afraid to try!
 3. Don’t compromise personal style. Feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Every item of jewelry needs to be the reflection of you, but not a camouflage.
 4. Coordinate your Jewelry with your Hair Style. Your hairstyle may determine your wedding jewelry selection. The hanging earrings are appropriate if you will wear your hair up.
 5. Silver or Gold Jewelry for wedding should you wear?how to pick wedding jewelry

You must choose one or other, depending on the color of your dress. In no case do not mix!

The pure white dress requires a silver or platinum jewelry. Yellow gold will conflict with the bright white color.

The barely off-white color works with rose gold, silver and pearl.

If your gown is a warmer, creamy tint, ivory color I suggest to opt one of the gold bridal sets.

 6. Selecting the Right Bridal Jewelry Necklace

High Neck Dresses and Illusion:

You don’t need a necklace at all.

For Strapless or Sweetheart Neckline wedding dresses:

the collar shape, chokers or princess necklaces of crystals or pearls are a perfect addition for your decolletage.

V Neck wedding dress:

A chain with a Pendant or chokers looks elegant. U can choose diamond pendant or other stone with color from your bridal bouquet.

Asymmetric Neckline

Never ever wear a necklace with one shoulder wedding gowns! This can ruin and disbalance your entire look. Use another wedding jewelry combination.

Types of necklaces, differing in length and whose names you see below look to Pinterest:

  • Collar 12-14″
  • Choker 15-16″
  • Princess 17-19″
  • Matinee 20-24″
  • Opera 25-28″
  • Rope or Lariat 38+”

 7. Wedding Earrings for brides

You need to keep a balance your Earrings with your Necklace. With a large necklace, your earrings should be small. If you skip the necklace you can concentrate on some sophisticated earrings. For a halter wedding dress excludes earrings too but you can try adding some sparkle with hairpiece or headband and bangles in this case. Consider proportion between earrings and hairpiece. This balance is essential.

 8. Wedding Bridal Bracelets

Bracelets, cuffs or bangles look fantastic with any sleeveless wedding dress without gloves. A Bracelet is not the most traditional bridal embellishment, but it can adorn your final look.

 9. Don’t wear a watch
 10. You can change jewelry for the reception
 11. Vintage Wedding Jewelry for brides requires an appropriate style of dresses
 12. Don’t forget about your bridesmaidspick wedding jewelry

Enjoy! Highlight your beauty and unique feature of your dress.

And finally I invite your attention the useful video Choosing Jewelry to Complement Your Bridal Gown.

If you have any questions I will gladly answer.

Beste wishes,


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