How to find a perfect wedding dress

Congratulations, you are getting married!

In all the excitement and planning your dream wedding over the next few months, one of the most important things is your wedding gown. How to choose the perfect wedding dress for your body shape? Where to start with so many different types of wedding dresses? It can be overwhelming to look through hundreds or thousands of them.

The first thing you should do is get an idea about which style of wedding gown you need to find. Wedding dresses are made in five basic silhouettes:

A-line/Princess style wedding dressesA line/Princess wedding dress

This classic style is a good option for most body types. Its length can be from above the knee to full-length that flows into a large train. It can be made with everything from free-flowing silks to heavier fabrics such as satin.

BallgownBall Gown style wedding dresses

This is the traditional style is from a fairy tale! A ball gown wedding dress is ideal for big, traditional weddings and brides who want to look as the princess. This shape is not recommended for petite brides of with a small bust.

Mermaid style wedding dresses


This is a sexy style that highlights a gorgeous curve! A true Mermaid style wedding dresses is the most difficult to wear. It is not recommended for shorter, bottom-heavy shapes of with problem areas.

Empire WaistEmpire Waist style wedding dresses

The look is romantic and elegant. An Empire waist wedding dress has a high waistline and a skirt in soft fabric that falls from just below the breasts. This is a wonderful choice for a casual, non-formal wedding or summer weddings. It’s best for small busted brides and it makes petite brides look taller. They’re also excellent for pregnant brides.

Column/SheaColumn / Sheath style wedding dressesth

The column wedding dress has a narrow shape that flows straight down from the top to the bottom. It is a modern and self-assured look. A column dress can be made of heavier fabrics. It is most recommended for brides with a tall, thin figure.

You don’t have to know all types of wedding dresses and terminology, but you will need to get familiar with them.

Take a look for inspiration at wedding dresses images of each type on my Pinterest boards.

How to find a perfect wedding dress for your body type?

Secondly you need to determine which type of gown will flatter your figure the best. The right wedding dress can do wonders for your figure. A dress with the perfect fit will not only make you more comfortable, but you’ll also look and feel more beautiful. It can improve your waist, create the illusion of a flat tummy, hide big hips and much more – if you choose the right style for your body shape.

What shape are you?

Hourglass figure

is the feminine ideal. Your top and bottom halves are perfectly balanced, with a very defined waist. You need to show your gorgeous curves off. Avoid an overplus of ruffles and tiers. Strapless, V-neck and scooped necklines look well with your figure. Mermaid is best for you.

Mermaid style wedding dresses A-line/Princess style wedding dresses Column / Sheath style wedding dresses Ball Gown style

Triangle shape

If your shoulders are wider than your hips. Avoid everything that can make you look top heavy.

Empire Waist style wedding dresses A-line/Princess style wedding dresses Ball Gown wedding dresses style

Apple shape

You carry most of your weight around your middle. An A-line dress with a corset will give you that waist you’ve always wanted. If your tummy is too big an Empire line is best solution for you. If you have slim legs, show them. Avoid a spaghetti straps.

A-line/Princess style wedding dresses Empire Waist style wedding dresses

Pear shape

if you have a small bust and large hips. Most women has this body shape. An A-line and Ballgown will camouflage your fuller hips. Choose the dress, the upper part of which will compensate your proportions with textural and style details. The fishtail style is not for you.

A-line/Princess style wedding dressesBall Gown wedding dresses styleEmpire Waist style wedding dresses

Petite figure

Create an elongated silhouette with a slim sheath for your tiny frame. The ball gowns are not for you.

Column / Sheath style wedding dresses Empire Waist style wedding dresses A-line/Princess style wedding dresses


You straight up and down, with hips and shoulders the same width and no definition at the waist. A dress with a corset will give you a waist-line.

A-line/Princess style wedding dresses Ball Gown wedding dresses style Empire Waist style wedding dresses

Tall and Thin figure

The height of a catwalk model, you tower above your friends. You are lucky, you can choose any style dress they like. Go with something you’re absolutely comfortable with.

Mermaid style wedding dresses Ball Gown wedding dresses style Column / Sheath style wedding dresses A-line/Princess style wedding dresses

Full Chested

An off-the-shoulder or bateau neckline will draw the eye across and help balance out a full bustline. A defined waistline is a must for your shape. Look for built-in corsets for needed support. Avoid a deep v-neck.

Small chested

Dresses with wrapped or ruched bodices are your best friend as are halter gowns with v-fronts. Don’t forget that you can add some light padding to this area as well.

Here is the nice, and giving a complete picture video “How to pick a wedding gown” that you can greatly help in choosing ideal wedding dress:

I wish you success in finding the perfect wedding dress!

I hope you found all this information useful. Feel free to ask questions. A lot of fun to you! And in the next page will talk about color and fabric.

Still difficult to determine the shape of your dress? I have a surprise for you!



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