How to choose a color for a dress

So, you already have an idea of the most advantageous silhouette for your figure. Congratulations! And now

How to choose a color for a wedding dress?

While the most traditional ceremonies will call for a white gown, in many cases, wedding dress isn’t limited to white anymore. There are so many wedding dresses colors other than white! You should pick a dress that will improve your complexion. Wedding dresses color accents can be ranging from diamond white to ivory to champagne,  silver to actual colors blue, pink, red and even black! And pick the color you feel most beautiful in and select one of bridal accessory with a shade closest to your wedding colors. Unique wedding dresses’s color becomes the latest trend now.

how to choose a color for a dress

Do not be afraid to look at the multi-colored wedding dresses. You can create a wonderful couple with your fiance, which will use a combination of the same color!

If you have a darker skin tone, a paler shade of dress will help bring out your color more. And if you are very fair skinned avoid a pure white gown and choose a warm shades. Think about how you will look in the light during the wedding ceremony.

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Pantone Chiplettes

Wedding dress fabric types

Very useful to explore their names and properties. Most fabrics are suitable year-round, but chiffon wedding dress, as well as linen and organdy, are your first choice for warm weather while velvet and brocade are better for winter. Better to choose a stretch and crease-resistant dress fabric types

Keeping in mind that some fabrics shine through and some only at good illumination.

Many people consider a lace bridal dresses old-fashioned, but a lace modify a modest wedding dress to modern and elegant. The vintage lace wedding dresses are very popular and in this and next season.

All attention is focused on the bride. Apparel for the bride is decisive for the choice of costume for the groom, bridesmaids, and mothers, that all looked harmonious and a unified theme.

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Before you go, I suggest you watch the video How to Choose Your Wedding Colors


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