Where to buy a wedding dress?

Did you say YES to the dress?

And where to buy a wedding dress best? Well look at all our options and the pros and cons:wedding dress for bride

Take advantage of your mother’s dress

Before you taking any action talk with your mother. Maybe she or grandmother kept a secret for you the chic wedding outfit.

Non traditional wedding dresses

Look outside the box. You have found a beautiful dress, but it is not from the wedding collection? So what? Or even pick a suit!

Bridal Salon

Pros: expert help, the opportunity to try on.

Cons: expensive, can be exhausting if you do not know exactly what you are looking for.

You can run through wedding dresses images online first and with the selected go to the bridal store. If you wait for the SALE, you can purchase a wedding dress with DISCOUNT.create my own wedding dress

 Design own wedding dress

If you are a fashion designer, tailor, or just a very creative person with good style, it’s something for you! Create your wedding dress!

Pros: you get a unique wedding dress and you can make an amazing gift for your possible future daughter.

Cons: extra costs for dressmaker, fabrics, and findings.

Rent a dress

Pros: a good opportunity for a small budget.

Cons: you can not keep it as a souvenir.

Buy a used wedding dress

Pros: you get your special memento and you can pick a top designer wedding gown at very low cost.

Cons: it was used

Where to buy a used wedding dress?

Used wedding dresses eBay, Marketplace, Facebook from a friend.

Buy a wedding dress online

Online shopping for girls has become a familiar and natural to the modern times. So why not buy a wedding dress as you buy casual clothes? Moreover much cheaper than in the salon, which need to pay the rent, pay sellers and make a profit from sales.
And latest stretch dress materials allow to a dress perfect fit.

Pros: cheap, a huge selection, no sticky sellers,  you can try on in a relaxed atmosphere, show your friends and return if you find something better.

Cons: can not touch and feel.

Head over to the local salon and try on some styles, fabrics and colors for find out what is best for you.

Where to buy a wedding dress online?

You can select free shipping, use the opportunity to auction and find a seller (reseller) in your area.

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Kennedy Blue

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You can say to me: “I will not buy online because there are dresses from China”. I don’t want to disappoint you cheap wedding dresses onlinebut whether you buy your gown from a local bridal store, online or even from some House of Wedding Fashion, chances are that the dress was made somewhere in Asia. Nothing wrong with that. The cost of producing wedding dresses are lower there, meanwhile the quality can be very high. And every serious online bridal shop try to keep the high reputation for its customers. Check your online store’s choice on the growing SiteJabber.com for avoid scams.

Be careful! In the next post, I’ll tell you that you should pay attention before to buy anything online.

Pleasant and successful dress hunting!

If you need my help I’m still here: Olga@OutfitforBride.com


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