Choosing the perfect wedding veil

So, you have decided to veil. Excellent!
And how to choose a right wedding veil?

Choosing the perfect wedding veil you will need to pay attention to the following aspects:

A veil needs to fit in with the style of your wedding, the shape of the dress, neckline, and your hairstyle.

Consider your veil length

If you are go to married outdoor or on the beach, it seems to me more appropriate to choose a short veil as the Birdcage for better control of the situation. At long veil increases the chance that you will have to fight with the wind.

Wedding Veil Two-tier Blusher Veils/Veils for Short Hair/Birdcage Veils Cut Edge


is a short veil covering the face before The First Kiss. This romantic one tier veil in combination with a beautiful headpiece or flowers brings the amazing look to the bride. You can also wear it with a long veil.

One Tier Wedding/Special Occasion Blusher Veil(More Colors)
Bridal Birdcage Veil

or Russian Style Bridal Net is a very short single veil of french netting or fine, that you can wear with a Fascinator, Comb another headpiece.


Shoulder length veils

are suited to informal dresses with well-graced upper body details and look good with flowing hair. Multiple tier Shoulder veil can make your face visually rounder.

Elbow length wedding veil

This veil is elegant veil falling over the shoulders. The conservative version of this veil uses only one layer without overwhelming your dress. This length is appropriate for Ball Gown.

Fingertip length wedding veil

makes small brides look shorter. This popular veil complements most wedding gowns.

Waltz length veils

or ballet veils extend to your knees and let you chance to dance if you don’t want to remove your long veil after the ceremony.

Floor length veilscathedral length wedding veils

are suited to full-length dresses that do not have a train. These veils add volume to the bride’s image.

Chapel length veil

is around 90 inches long and lightly covers the floor. The veils give the illusion of a train and ideal for formal wedding. Maybe you will need an assistance to move around.

Cathedral length veils

or royal are the longest and extend up to nine feet along the ground. This veil is not so easy, you will certainly need some help, not to spoil the hairstyle. Do not use this length if you do not have assistants or if not invited many guests and your wedding is not too luxuriant.

How many tiers?

The choice is dependent on the style of your gown. Avoid extra tiers if you have the full figure. If you are tall you can wear a longer veil, if not choose waist height or above. The veil could even be a four-tier.

Veil Shape can be:
  • Classic
  • Oval
  • Drop veil
  • Angel Cut or Waterfall
  • Birdcage veil
Edge Style:
  • Cut Edge
  • Pencil Edge
  • Ribbon Edge
  • Scalloped Edge
  • Lace Applique Edge
  • Beaded Edge
  • Embroidered Edge
Veil can have all sorts of embellishment:

Lace, appliques, embroidery, beading, pearls, sequin, flower, rhinestones, crystals, bow (bowknot), ruffles and glitters.

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Your veil needs to be a suitable color and style to your dress. Try out which veil fits you most mantilla, gothic,  birdcage or cap veil. Consider which embellishment and edge of the veil complement your dress the best.

Think, Updo is a required support for a long and multi-tiered veil. Determine with your hairstylist the best placement of your veil and headpieces to apply.

And now I want to arm you with tips How to Choose & Secure Your Wedding Veil:


  1. Megan says:

    I love this page! Super helpful for choosing a veil, I mean you want to pick one that will be right for the day, for you, and for comfort. And thanks for pointing out hat last part on hairstyles. Most people wouldn’t even think of that until they’d bought one and it was too late.

    • Olga says:

      I really appreciate your comment, Megan! I have big plans about the future posts, where I will also try to help with advice and useful wedding information.

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