A few steps planning wedding

You told HIM “YES”! Your first emotions are behind.

And now on? Where to start? How nothing to miss? How to do it everything? and many other issues plagued the future spouses.


The first thing you need to do it calmly discuss together your dreams about your BIG day. Do not rush to dive into the bustle, it will be a big disappointment if you make a wedding completely not such that we dream about you both.

When the goal is set, you can move on to the practical implementation of the celebration: discuss a budget  and select a date.

In a second step, you need a Wedding To Do List!

Decide on the size, type, location  and wedding style.

The preparation for the wedding will probably be one of the most rewarding experiences and pleasant memories. Try to enjoy every day.

Depending on the desired date of the wedding, you can choose and print a Planning Wedding Checklist.Wedding_plan

Download here the free printable wedding checklists:

3 months Simple Wedding Checklist 
6 months Free Event Planning Checklist
12 months Complete Wedding Checklist 


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As you prepare for your wedding, don’t forget the most important thing: This is the first foundation stone of your life together. Preparing  for your Special Day is a first step in preparing for marriage.

And now is the time for humor. Before you go watch “How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Steps” and smile:

 Be Happy during the preparations, the wedding and the whole rest of your life!


  1. Demi says:

    Wedding is such a big day in life and we normally tend to rush on things. Your article helps a lot to focusing on planning for the special day to get everything perfect. I remember my wedding day which of course was very nice but could have been better with proper planning.

    • Olga says:

      Hi Demi!
      Thank you for your comment. The word “Wedding” excites me as well, as the “Nail Art”! Ladies, I highly recommend to anyone take a look at Demy’s amazing site: Love For Nail Polish
      I wish you Long and Happy Marriage and success with your Nail Art Designs!

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